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VFS 4-Way Open Team Arizona X-Force, Current Line-up
└ Photo by Tom Stokes.
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Arizona X-Force 2018 lineup (from left to right): Nate Roth (camera), Niklas Daniel, Brianne Thompson, Mike Bougher, and Keith Fournier.

Arizona X-Force is a Skydive Arizona drop zone sponsored 4-way VFS Open team. It is comprised of five highly experienced skydivers and tunnel flyers who bring enthusiasm and diversity to Skydive Arizona. They are active in the skydiving community as full-time instructors, coaches, and load organizers.

Founded in 2014, X-Force has medalled in every USPA National Championship since 2015. After three consecutive bronze medals (2015-2017), the current line-up won the silver medal in the 2018 USPA Nationals.

The philosophy of X-Force is to encourage a sense of community and approachability for the up and coming jumpers. The focus should be to build a strong foundation of skill sets in an environment that is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

The Team accomplishes this by holding sky & tunnel skill camps (such as Expansion Projects), and hosts small team events throughout the year to encourage novice jumpers to pursue group activities.

Peak Team Performances


  • Highest average: 17.8 points
    (USPA National Skydiving Championships 2018).
  • Single highest scoring round: 22 points
    (USPA National Skydiving Championships 2018).


  • Highest average: 23.7 points
    (IBA US National Championships 2017).
  • Single highest scoring round: 35 points
    (IBA US National Championships 2017).



  • Silver Medal at 2018 USPA National Championships,
  • Bronze Medals 2017, 2016, and 2015 at USPA National Championships.


  • Silver Medal at 2017 Paraclete XP Indoor Championships.


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